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About us


We're a veteran family owned small batch specialty coffee roaster, supporting bee friendly farms. We currently source primarily from the Selva Negra Estate in Nicaragua, 18 Rabbit in the Honduras, and Finca La Lina from Colombia. Our mission is to provide high quality, bee friendly, fresh roasted coffee to our local community and around the United States. We hope you'll give us a try and enjoy our craft!

Our Outreach

We source our green coffee exclusively from bee friendly farms. All the farms have either bee hives for honey bees or bee houses for solitary bees, based on their native bee population. We work to inspire farms to add bee habitats to their farms, helping to educate them on the importance of bee conservation, as well as the benefits the farms can see from pollination increasing crop production.

We partner with the Southern Conservation Trust (non-for-profit) with our coffee blend Bee in Nature. $2 from each bag sold is donated to the SCT's pollinator gardens and pollinator conservation efforts. We also support their fundraisers such as the annual auction and 5K through coffee donations.

We also support local charities and schools in their fundraising efforts through coffee donations.

We work to create as little waste as possible through the reuse of materials. Our coffee grounds are used for compost and natural bug repellent in landscaping. The chaff (a thin shell around the bean like on a peanut) that comes off during the roasting process is collected and donated to FreeBird Farm for comfortable and odor reducing chicken beds. FreeBird farm is a local small farm that provides children's art and agriculture education classes.

Picture provided by 18 Rabbit (Women Owned Collective in Honduras)
Freebird Farm Chicken Coop with recycled coffee chaff